Hermès and Triennale have been working together on the concept and delivery of a 2-year contest for the development of young talent in the field of contemporary dance and performance scene.

Premio Hermès Danza Triennale Milano aims at exploring and showcasing the rethinking of body and gesture languages put forward by the new generations of artists.

Our short film, produced in Paris, Aubervilliers, Milan, Torino, Rovereto and Bologna, unveils the processes behind the creation of the two winning projects: Ballad by dancer and choreographer Lenio Kaklea, and A E R E A by Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi.

The screening of the film took place in Triennale and came after a social and digital campaign based on the publication of a series of short versions we extracted from the film.


Link: Instagram, Vimeo, Client website